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TRX Core

This is a class that focuses in on building strength in your core using lower intensity exercises that keep you under constant tension. Great for toning your midsection, bottom and thighs as well as helping improve athletic performance.

TRX Fatburn

TRX Fatburn is a class using High intensity interval training to push you outside your comfort zone and blast away stubborn body fat and rev up your metabolism. Go Hard then Go home.

TRX Circuits

TRX Circuits are designed to give you a variety of TRX and other exercises that will help you tone up and improve your cardiovascular/muscular endurance. We also like to throw in a few surprises along the way so watch out. 🙂

TRX Express

TRX Express is a high intensity class that will give you an all body workout in 30 minutes. While everyone else is sitting down at lunch you will kick your metabolism into overdrive.

TRX Strength

This class will improve strength of the Upper Body,Legs and Core. A great way to finish the week and invigorate you for the weekend.

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