Benefits of Corporate Wellness


I first discovered a Corporate Wellness program in action in Brisbane when i was working for the Living Well chain of gyms. I didn’t really put a lot of thought into the benefits of such a program again until a few of years ago when i started my own business and had the opportunity to start doing classes with the staff at Bank of Ireland in College Green in Dublin. Since then i have begun to work with staff at other Bank of Ireland branches as well as Brown Bag Films and Amazon. I have seen first hand the benefits to both the employees and the organisations themselves from making the effort to improve the health and well being of their workforce.

Benefits for the Employer
1. Improved employee productivity
2. Reduced employee absenteeism
3. Decreased illness
4. Improved morale in work force
5. Better Corporate image
6. Improved retention and recruitment
7. Improved work culture

Benefits to Employees
1. Improved job satisfaction
2. Improved well being, health and self image
3. Reduced expenditure on gyms, clubs and trainers
4. Improved socialization among fellow employees
5. Reduction in stress levels

Some employers choose to pay for Corporate Wellness programs in full whilst others choose to subsidize these services. We offer numerous services such as health talks, fitness tests, health screening, nutrition information and in house fitness training such as TRX, Kettlebells, Boxercise, Circuits and more. These classes usually take place before/after work or during lunch breaks which means staff can head straight home after work and not have to worry about going to a crowded gym. They can take place in canteens, meeting rooms and our city center training studio.

If you’re and employee or employer and would like to a similar program take place in your business contact us and we can get your workplace fit for work.

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