My Personal Transformation

I remember waking up on a Monday morning and feeling like something was wrong straight away. I felt intoxicated yet i had not been drinking the night before. The room was spinning and it felt like i was walking around on the deck of a ship. I could not hear or see properly but i [...] read more

Workplace Wellness

is sitting at your desk killing you? Sitting Kills, Moving Heals As i go into various workplaces around Dublin city to conduct fitness classes i come into contact with people who are sitting down at work all day. They then hop in a car, bus, train or The Luas to get home and sit down [...] read more

Top 7 reasons people stop training

  Do you find it hard to stay in a training routine or maybe you just can't motivate yourself to start at all? I've heard all the reasons and excuses throughout the years and probably used a few myself. We are all human and can't be perfect all the time but it is good to [...] read more

Citrusy Pulled Chicken

With Summer finally arriving its time to put away our favourite stew and hot pot recipes and start to imagine what its like for our brothers and sisters in warmer climates in the kitchen. With our heat wave under way our taste buds are crying out for freshness and a lighter style of cooking. If [...] read more

Living with MS

This is the story I did with about living with MS. World MS day is coming up soon so if you know anyone affected by it SHARE this story. read more

Shake things up with Shakshuka Eggs

I actually just love saying the words Shakshuka Eggs. Tell people you are making this recipe and automatically you will sound like you know your stuff. This is a great brunch recipe or a tasty supper when you just have a few eggs in the fridge. Bulk it up with some toasted sourdough for en [...] read more

Motivate a Mate and ensure results

    Believe it or not although i am a personal Trainer and have trained in a gym environment since i was fourteen i too can get jaded and sick of training. I miss the odd session because i start to make excuses. I don't have time, i will do it later, i'm tired, i'm [...] read more

Benefits of Corporate Wellness

I first discovered a Corporate Wellness program in action in Brisbane when i was working for the Living Well chain of gyms. I didn't really put a lot of thought into the benefits of such a program again until a few of years ago when i started my own business and had the opportunity to [...] read more