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Personal Training

Bespoke 1-on-1 personal training tailored to your goals. Whether you are looking to achieve weight loss, weight gain or to improve overall fitness, we will create the ultimate fitness plan to suit you.

Corporate Fitness

We can help you to create an environment where fitness thrives, productivity rises and performance is boosted. Enquire about our competitive corporate fitness and wellness programmes today.


Top 7 reasons people stop training

  Do you find it hard to stay in a training routine or maybe you just can't motivate yourself to start at all? I've heard all the reasons and excuses throughout the years and probably used a few myself. We are all human and can't be perfect all the time but it is good to [...] read more

Citrusy Pulled Chicken

With Summer finally arriving its time to put away our favourite stew and hot pot recipes and start to imagine what its like for our brothers and sisters in warmer climates in the kitchen. With our heat wave under way our taste buds are crying out for freshness and a lighter style of cooking. If [...] read more

Living with MS

This is the story I did with about living with MS. World MS day is coming up soon so if you know anyone affected by it SHARE this story. read more


I saw Leighton’s ad on Facebook and thought I would try the accelerated month programme as a way to get fitter before my…

Posted by Katharine Williams on Tuesday, 30 August 2016


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