Personal Training

Personal Training

At Leighton’s Fitness Training we will devise a workout that is designed to suit your individual abilities with an aim to improve all elements of your physicality and health. Using an approach taking into consideration your work schedule, home commitments, physical condition among other factors. Leighton, owner of Leighton’s Fitness Training and TRX in the City, will draw upon his 12 years’ experience in the industry to create a personal training system which combines a scientific knowledge of nutrition with the way individuals react to exercise.

The media is filled with contradictory information about what is the correct way to eat and exercise. Leighton will put you straight in regards what is the correct way to go about getting the results you desire using proven methods and advice, which will promote positive change and keep you there. Leighton wants everyone who enters the studio to leave a healthier, more confident and happier person.



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