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Believe it or not although i am a personal Trainer and have trained in a gym environment since i was fourteen i too can get jaded and sick of training. I miss the odd session because i start to make excuses. I don’t have time, i will do it later, i’m tired, i’m bored, the list goes on. So recently i have started training with a friend of mine Sinita who i know for a fact loves to train. Immediately i noticed a renewed appetite to train that was missing for a while. It made me think about all of the benefits to having someone who wants to join you and strive for a healthy lifestyle. So what are the benefits of having a training partner??


If someone knows you are meant to do something you are more likely to do it.? If your buddy doesn’t see you in class they will know and can keep you on track and you can do the same for them.


The first day i trained with Sinita i worked my way up to 110kg on the Squat Rack and ripped out 10 nice slow, deep squats and was about to ask her if she wanted me to remove some plates. She proceeded to rock out 10 reps way slower and deeper than mine and put me in my place. I am fiercely trying to improve my squats as we speak as this was the motivation i needed.  A training partner certainly helps you push through plateaus and ensures that you both keep making improvements.


Sometimes we need a little help from our friends and with training that’s the case too. Having your friend rock up and say “get your  gear on we are training” on days you aren’t feeling it is a real help.

Makes Personal Training affordable

Sharing the cost of a trainer makes it a lot more affordable and means you can both have access to tailored training in a cost efficient way.

Its Fun

Getting a wink or a smile from your buddy in the middle of a hellish workout can help you push on and it’s also fun to be able to chat about workouts after. It helps bond your friendship even more when you bleed in the trenches together.

Improved results

When you take all of the benefits into consideration it is easy to see how having a training partner ensures you get better results in a shorter period of time. It is  a win/win situation. Because of this we have introduced a couples membership for our classes. Click the “Motivate a Mate” link below and motivate yourself and a mate. I promise you won’t look back.


Motivate a Mate



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