Top 7 reasons people stop training

Top 7 reasons people stop training


Do you find it hard to stay in a training routine or maybe you just can’t motivate yourself to start at all? I’ve heard all the reasons and excuses throughout the years and probably used a few myself. We are all human and can’t be perfect all the time but it is good to realize why we may have fallen off the training bandwagon and how to get back on. Which of these reasons below can you relate too?

  1.  Lack of Time – Three 30 minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions per week can really make a difference. We all have 90 minutes per week don’t we? Try getting off the bus a few stops earlier, take the stairs at work. Maximize your potential to burn calories.
  2. Too Tired – get up earlier and do an exercise video. Walk/jog at lunchtime or train before you get home in the evening when tiredness sets in
  3. No Motivation – educate yourself on the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Set exercise goals no matter how small and achieve them. Reward yourself with a healthy gift like  massage or new outfit. Join a class with a buddy who will make you accountable.
  4. Feeling Overwhelmed – All great journeys start with a single step.  Just do something more than you currently are doing. Join a charity walk or cycle to get started and help others at the same time.
  5. Bad Diet – Again educate yourself about healthy food choices. Avoid fad diets and change your eating habits slowly over a long time. Get expert advice from a Trainer, Nutritionist or Dietitian.
  6. Currently Unfit – Seek a Doctors clearance if you are currently unfit but most conditions benefit with the addition of healthy exercise and nutrition.
  7. Not Seeing Progress – most people give up after a few weeks because they don’t see progress. There is more to being healthy than weight loss. Exercise reduces blood pressure, strengthens bones and protects against chronic disease. You are doing your mind and body good so remember that even if the scales don’t move you are moving your body the way it was designed for.

If you are struggling to get into a routine and want to talk to me about getting back on track text me on 0868126167 or click here for a  FREE TRIAL  class in our Dublin city center studio.

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